Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin...Answers

Ok, so less questions than I was hoping for.  ;(  But I will tell you everything I know in addition to the 2 that were asked.

1.  Is there a limit to how many kits you can skip in a year?  NO.  You manage your account the best way you see fit.  You log into your account and click on "manage my account" where you can skip that month.  You need to do anything and everything by the 10th in order to have it take place for that month.

2.  Are the stamps wood/clear/polymer different each month? With your first kit, you will receive a clear block.  This is to use with all the kits to come.  Lately I've seen more photopolymer, but it started out with clear.  It seems they do what works best for the project.

3.  What are the benefits to joining under you?  (That's ME :) )
A.  Each month, I host a get together where you bring your red box, snips, clear block, and adhesive and we get to create our kits together.  You could wait and have the surprise and open your tissue paper with the group, or open it ahead of time.
B.  I will also give those who attend an ADDITIONAL card kit that uses their exclusive stamps in an alternate way.
C.  I'm also working on a loyalty program, where you are rewarded for being a member for different amounts of time, and an EXCLUSIVE blog/FB group where I will share additional ideas for your kit that month.  These kits are truly a value and I want everyone to know that!
D.  If you join today ( to get in before July's kit ships ) or BEFORE July 27, I will personally buy you a Snail adhesive as a thank you.  Who doesn't need more adhesive, and you'll need a snail from time to time with your kit!

4.  Is there any way to get a discount on the kit?  YES.  By ordering a prepaid subscription, you can either save $1 or $2 each month, as well as earn hostess benefits.  :)

5.  How many ink spots come in the kit?  One to two ink spots come in the kit each month.  They are from all families of colors, but never retired colors, and don't repeat in a calendar year.  So this is a FANTASTIC way to build your ink collection.

6.  Are there any ways to get past kits?  YES!  An exclusive benefit to being a "member" is have access to previous kits. They release more all the time, however, it is not every kit they've ever made.  It works "as supplies last."

7. Can a prepaid subscription be ordered with hostess dollars?  YES!  You could use your hostess dollars from your workshop or purchase of $150 or more to treat yourself to a gift all year long.

8.  Does the kit come with instructions?  YES!  And they've even improved them with step by step photos.

9.  I'm a novice crafter, I'm not sure this is for me...  YES, it is.  These kits are designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less, and aren't complicated, yet they look great when completed.  It's actually a great way to have a "mini" workshop or class at your house.  You'll learn techniques you may not have known, and create something beautiful in the process.

10.  I'm an experienced crafter, I'm not sure this is for me..  YES it is too!  PP is a great way to get yourself out of a creativity slump, with everything designed for you.  Or better yet, use the elements, and all the extras to challenge yourself to make something more "complicated" if you must!  Who doesn't want EXCLUSIVE stamps!?

11.  Is MPP suitable for kids?  YES!  My 4 year old daughter and I do these together.  What a great surprise you and your child/grandchild/niece/nephew can look forward to each month.

12.  I've joined, and I don't like my kit this month.  What do I do?  LET ME KNOW!  Stampin' Up! is committed to making things right.  They will handle each case on an individual basis, but I know one thing, they are the best customer service team and want to make sure their customers are happy.

13.  How does the Prepaid subscription work?  You order it just as any other item in the online store or by contacting me, and it will email you a code.  You then will visit the MPP website, create your account, and enter your code.  It then shows the number of months you have on your subscription.

So that's it.  I'm sure I'll think of more, and I will update this post if needbe.  However, if you are on the fence with joining, just give it a try.  I know you will be happy!

With all of that said, TODAY is the last day to sign up for MPP to get in on July's kit.  With kits shipping around the middle of the month, I would think we'd have them in a week, so what are you waiting for?

Use this month's hostess code (N7Y6XMEZ) if you'd like to order a prepaid subscription, or simply visit the MPP website to join on a month to month basis.

Thanks for reading today!

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