Thursday, June 25, 2015

June's My Paper Pumpkin

This month's My Paper Pumpkin was fun!  

Just like every other month, it was full of supplies to make 8 cards!  Other months it may be a gift bag or other paper goodie, but this was all cards!  8 cards for $19.95 or less!  Can't beat it!

This month's ink color was Tip Top Taupe, a NEW IN COLOR!!  Wahoo!!

This was one of the first 2 suggested designs.  
I love that these kits occasionally come with liners for envelopes!  
Here's the second suggested card.  Cute, right?  I love the little wood veneer banners and stars!  Not to mention the non-traditional card size...  

I came up with some alternate designs.  Here's one.

And another...  

And another.  I love these banners!

And then I was left with a mix of leftovers, that I could have made lots more cards with (all traditional sizes), but I couldn't let that envelope go unused, so I chose to make a little twist on the suggested design.  

After all was said and done, I still had leftovers!  These kits are amazing!  
I should add as well, that Miss S, makes a card each, so there were two more of the original suggested design, and these were what was left over ;)

Interested in signing up before you miss out on the next kit?  Click here to join before July 10 and you'll be sure to get in on the fun!

Also, I have a special newsletter similar to this for my Pumpkin subscribers that gives alternate ideas!  As well as a special case to store your stamps in for dedicated subscribers.  

Thanks for reading today!

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