Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February Card Classes, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY

THREE cards, $10!  What else could you want this weekend?

Card Classes-this weekend!

Friday evening : 6-8 pm
Saturday morning : 10-noon

Cost is $10 for 3 cards

RSVP and let me know you are coming!  I'd love for you to make it!

We'll be using more goodies from the Occasions Catalog.  (This photo is just a sample, not a guarantee of what we'll be making, however we will be using this specific die :) )  Some of you even got a sneak peek at the buffet of one of the cards we'll be making.  :)

Also, if you aren't regularly seeing my posts on Facebook (which seems to be where I can get most information posted on a more regular basis, there are 2 reasons for that;

1. You haven't liked my page, Pink Paper Packages ;)
2. You have liked my page, but because FB wants me to pay to reach all of you, you need to comment, share or like something I've posted to keep it in your newsfeed.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all!


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