Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Catalog Kick Off Open House!

So I was planning to have my New Catalog Party this coming weekend, but I don't want to "throw it together," so I'm thinking some time next week.  I think I can get everything ready, but considering I was so unsure on pulling it off, I didn't let anyone know, and I want everyone to have ample time to plan for it!  

Here's what I  know:

The Catalog goes live on Monday, June 2 at noon.  Is anyone opposed to Sunday/Monday options?  I know that still doesn't give you much time to plan for it, but it also shouldn't take 2 hours, like a class typically would.  Otherwise I will push it back a week.  However, the weekend won't be an option, so we are looking at a weekday session and a weeknight session, but again, it's just a quick drop in for 30 minutes or so kind of event.  AH!  Schedules!!!  

Here's what you'll get:

1. One shiny new "Inspire Create Share" 2014-2015 Annual Catalog for $3.

2. 12 monthly coupons to use throughout the year, averaged at $5-$10 per month, up to $120 value.

3. Class schedule

4. Chance at a door prize

5. Thank you gift for coming 

6. Make and Take card using new product

7. A view of my calendar to book your next workshop, and a free new in color ink pad for doing so.  

I'll have bunches of samples using new colors, ribbons, stamps, & accessories. 

And as always, snacks and drinks.  I'm thinking Blackberry Bliss Bars?  

I will also have out my retired stamps, which I just almost tripled with my latest purge.  You may even score a buy one get one free deal on these :)

Please email me and let me know what you think.  I can't wait to show you all this fun stuff and I'm just plain sorry I couldn't get it together sooner.  I have had a busy month to say the least. 

Thanks for reading today!

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